Thomas Maurer @ EE

6. September 2020 @ 11:00 – 22:00
€ 20

The motto is LIVE and not just to survive! Because here in the Ebner-Ebenauer winery life and enjoyment are indulged, we simply wipe away the dust of everyday life: Thomas Maurer’s “Culinary Cabaret Program” provides the cultural delicacies, award-winning chef Harald Pollak with his Weinviertel tapas ensures the physical well-being, Live music performance by jazz singer Melissa maHoney AND, of course, the focus is on organic wines from individual vineyards of the Ebner-Ebenauer winery.

The multi-award-winning cabaret artist (Salzburg Bull, Nestroy Theater Award, Golden Romy, German Cabaret Award, …) is also a proven wine connoisseur. As part of “Kultur bei Winzer”, he visits the Ebner-Ebenauer winery in Poysdorf and tastes the house wines together with the winemaker. Between the wine tastings, he reads humorous texts dealing with wine and culinary delights. An event that will entertain cabaret, culinary and wine lovers alike!



11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Reading with Thomas Mauer
Live Jazz Music Perfomance with Melissa maHoney

Weinviertel tapas and wines from the individual layers of the winery with the award-winning chef Harald Pollak

Entryfee: €20,00 exkl. Food/Drinks

We look forward to welcome you at our winery and wish you a nice, funny and smooth Afternoon.